3 Web Design Myths Debunked!

If you eat before swimming, you need to wait 30 minutes before making a splash, or else you’ll experience serious cramps.

We’ve all heard this advice growing up as kids, probably from our parents. But, it’s also common knowledge that this is totally a falsehood, a fallacy... a MYTH!

Myths persist, especially on the internet. If everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t you? The fact is, you need to do your own research on any subject. With promoting your business online, there are so many tips out there that can lead you astray, but how do you know a tip won’t be successful for you?

When it comes to web design, the information can be overwhelming. Don’t let it get you down. We’ll debunk some of the biggest web design myths out there, so you can get on the right track with your online vision.

Myth #1: Keep the call to action (CTA) up top

Meaning, it was always stated that the CTA should stay above the fold, because visitors didn’t have the attention span to make it to the bottom of the page to click on to glory. The truth is, you don’t have to stick to this rule. CTA’s have been proven to perform just as well-top or bottom- it just depends on the design layout. So, if you want to place the CTA below the fold, give it a shot!

Myth #2: The most important part of a website is the homepage

Let’s be honest, most of us click onto a website from an ad or a blog, but we don’t go straight to the homepage. In fact, most of the time, when we visit websites, we may never even see it. Don’t put all of your creative energy into the homepage . Instead, focus on having a consistent design layout from start to finish.

Myth #3: Design with the sale in mind

Giant text, flashy buttons, huge graphics...this is what you see on a website centered on the sale. Forget it! A successful business website doesn’t need to be sale-centered. Make it easy to navigate, tasteful and designed towards creating value. Isn’t that more trustworthy than in-your-face buttons that seem like they just want to get you to click immediately?