3 Ways to Use Testimonials to Benefit Your Business

I have nothing bad to say about customer testimonials. They add some diversified content to a business website, build trust with potential new customers and showcase your credibility.

Often times, you’ll read testimonials on a web page and smile, but you don’t have to stop there. There are so many ways your business can benefit from them. Here are some suggestions to get the most out of customer testimonials.

Garner conversions with case study results

Potential buyers love to read reviews as one of the main tools for deciding if an online product is worthy of a click. But, there’s only so much a “I love this product, I would buy it again” can do to persuade someone. Instead, you want to take your testimonial and turn it into a case study. Show numbers and time invested in the product. Why do they love it? What do the love the most? What happened in the amount of time they used the product? Show the results and this will help buyers to make a decision.

Focus on testimonial design

The way you present testimonials on your website is highly important. Don’t list them with bullet points or stick them all on one page. Instead, be strategic with where you place them and create a design that grabs attention. Always add quotations with the speaker's name at the end. This makes it stand out. Supplementing the quote with a head shot of the person who said the words adds trust. Place quotes near content that it relates to and add a call to action underneath. For example, if you have a blog post that correlates with particular quote, place that testimonial on the blog page.

Don’t diss the bad reviews

No one wants to get a poopy review about their business, but instead of biting back, how about using these words for market research? Take a deep breath, punch a pillow, and then see how you can use the unsavory information given to improve your product. You should always be ready to refocus or make necessary changes to keep up with the ever-changing world on online marketing. One sure way to do this is by looking at the exact words and thoughts from your real customers and what their experience is. Best of all- it’s free!