3 Tips to Start a Successful Vlog

In 2021 video is still an incredible asset to building a brand’s online marketing strategy. You might think, “Yea, but Youtube is oversaturated…”, however that doesn’t matter. 

Vlogging still has a ton of potential and should be a tool you’re company is utilizing to spread brand awareness.

Plus, you can’t argue with the stats. People spend on average 2.6 seconds longer on web pages with video than on those that don’t have video.

If you’ve never set up a vlog before, it might feel intimidating, but we’re here to help with 3 tips to set you up for vlogging success.

1. Come up with a concept

If you’ve got one video topic down and are ready to start shooting- hold on cowboy. Vlogging is a long-term project, so before you do anything, it’s imperative to come up with a plan that includes multiple topics for videos, scheduled shoots, and scheduled posts. 

This establishes consistency, which viewers need to decide if the information is relevant and they want to subscribe. If you post random videos, it’s difficult for one’s brain to organize the information and have a clear vision of your message.

Start by choosing the main subject, tone, and overall approach that becomes the foundation of your video series.

For example, ask yourself what message you’re aiming at your audience. Decide on who will be in front of the camera introducing the message, whether you want the tone to be informational, funny, etc., and how you want the video to be formatted.

2. Don’t fret about having zero experience

We’ve all seen what a video set looks like, and yes- it is daunting if you’ve never touched a camera before. All of the equipment, the lighting, the multiple retakes...where to even begin?

The good news is that camera equipment costs are dropping and phone camera quality is getting better to the point where you can produce professional-looking videos right in the palm of your hand.

Here is a basic list of equipment to get you started:

- DSLR camera

- Tripod

- Teleprompter

- Light setup: Backlight/key light/fill light

Finally, you can utilize a video editing platform such as iMovie that already comes with Mac computers or can be downloaded as an ios app.

3. How to get your video out there

After creating your video and posting it, naturally, you want to rack up the views. But how can you get it out there?

By being proactive, you can make it happen. Start by creating a thumbnail that gives a tempting preview into what viewers can expect in your video. 

This is the first thing that people will see when scrolling through videos, so you want to grab their attention to get them to click on yours. Try making a photo collage or using bright colors and striking fonts. Don’t forget to add the title to the thumbnail.

Next, optimize your video for search engines, not just on Google, but also on Youtube. Here are some tips:

- Always write a description for your video highlighting the subjects, with important keywords used 3-4 times throughout the body.

- Your headline should include the main keyword.

- Add tags to help your video pop up in the right categories when people search for your topic.

- Make an end screen that gives the viewer links to your other videos and encourages them to subscribe to your channel.