3 Tips to Choose the Best Images for Your Website

People love pictures! It’s one of the very first things their eyes are drawn to when they land upon a landing page. We know how important those first seconds are when it comes to converting visitors, so naturally what they see needs to keep them wanting more.

How do you choose the perfect images for your website? You may think it’s an easy feat. It’s all about just picking one that looks nice, right? WRONG! From quality to professionalism and showing off the overall zeal of your business, there’s much to consider.

If you’re looking to modify your website design, here are some foolproof tips to help you choose images that make it blossom.

Quality is a winner

You can’t argue with quality. That proves to be especially true with the images you select for your website. If your photos are grainy or the lighting is sub-par, put them on the back burner. Always use high-definition pictures that come in small file sizes.

Go the extra mile...hire a photographer

We all know a stock photo when we see one. They’re boring and lack any sort of imagination or personality that captures the consumer and lets them relate to your business. Take that extra step and hire a professional for a photo shoot. They’ll produce unique, high quality images that show the consumer what your business is truly about and really showcase the face of your business.

Think about your audience

If you’re promoting children’s clothing, then you probably won’t be using images that feature older adults, right? Think about the audience of your business and tailor your images to match it. Try to choose images that reach a consumer emotionally, such as a picture of a consumer visibly satisfied with one of your products. This helps viewers connect and feel reassured about the quality of your product.