3 Social Media Trends to Watch for 2023

Social media marketing is always like living life in the fast lane, no matter what year it is. However, it is a vital tool for expanding your brand’s reach if you play your cards right. 

The key is to stay on top of the trends, and for 2023, there are plenty to keep on your radar. In this post, we look at 3 social media marketing trends that we think will probably have a major impact.

Authenticity with Customer Influencers

Companies have been taking advantage of how influencers help with driving brand awareness, and this is something that isn’t changing any time soon. In 2023 micro influencers are the focus, which is great for smaller brands that feel mega influencers are out of reach.

With that being said, with micro influencers comes authenticity- and that’s what customers are all about. In 2023 we expect to less “paid for materials” and moe “word-of-mouth” marketing techniques where materials are user-generated.

Less Skepticism, More Experimentation

What we’ve seen with emerging social platforms is that it’s all about embracing experimentation, and one way or another- it pays off, especially if a brand starts using a new platform early on. 

With TikTok, alot of brands were skeptical, but those who got in early are benefiting while also learning how to tap into a Gen Z audience. 

Now, BeReal is on the rise and brands aren’t waiting around. New platforms equals time to test the waters right away without fretting about risks.

More Video Please

Video isn’t seeing any stagnation, which is proven through TikTok. However, long gone are the high-budget videos featuring fancy scripts and celebrities. The more unpolished and scrappy the content, the better the response. 

On Instagram reels, studies show more of a user response than that of traditional videos. In other words, once again, authenticity is king.