3 Must Haves for a Killer Landing Page

The landing page is probably the most important page of your website. After all, it’s the first thing a visitor lands on when they make that split-second decision to click on your link and see what your brand is about.

You see where we’re going with this…that means the landing page better make an impression to keep visitors rooted, and that requires a few strategic elements and special attention to design that your other web pages don’t necessarily need.

Here are our 3 biggest must-haves for the perfect landing page that generates leads.

1. Headline, Sub headline, Closer

What’s the first thing a visitor lays eyes on when they land on your page? The correct answer would be, the main headline at the top of the page. It needs to be punchy, concise, and above all- clear. It needs to hook in the visitor with a one-liner that assures them they are in the right place.

Include the most important information about your brand. What is your primary service? What distinguishes you from the competition? Why should the visitor choose your brand? The headline should answer any of these questions in a few words.

The sub headline is generally found directly below the header. This shares a bit more general information, such as outlining the services you offer and the location for SEO purposes.

Close up the headlining content with a to-the-point CTA button. You don’t want to set it off to the side of the page, place it right smack dab in the middle, right under the sub headline. It needs to jump out at the visitor and above all, be easy to find without scrolling.

2. Customer Testimonials

The power of the people is evident online when it comes to leaving reviews for businesses, and it’s common knowledge that consumers spend ample time reading through customer reviews before making a buying decision. 

That’s why your landing page is the perfect place to showcase a few bright and shiny customer testimonials. Place them at the bottom, using quotes and a picture, if possible. 

Don’t have any testimonials? Go ahead and reach out to a few trusted individuals you’ve done business with and ask them to write one for you, or create a survey to offer customers.

3. Zero-ing in on the CTA

The CTA is the holy grail of the landing page. Therefore, it gets it’s own section so we can make sure you know how to create the best CTA that gets results. 

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t do. An inefficient CTA says something bland like, “Click Here”. Instead, don’t be afraid to tease visitors with what they can expect to gain by clicking. For example, “Click and receive 10% Off Your Order Now” is a CTA button that will get someone’s attention.

Also, don’t be afraid to play around with different colors and fonts. You want the CTA button to pop out and be easy to find.