3 Helpful Animation Tips For Your Web Design

Web design trends are always changing. As we round the final bend of 2019, it’s perfectly logical for business owners to ask, “What website modifications do I need?” One of the web design trends that is starting to rise in popularity, is the use of animation.

Incorporating animation on your website has several benefits. It captures the attention, drawing in visitors and keeping them interested. This, in turn, has the ability to boost quality leads and the return rate. It also improves credibility and has the potential to increase ROI.

Looking for website modifications for a New Year New You (or in this case, new website) makeover? Here are some tips to consider if the element of animation is on your radar.

Navigation animation

It goes without saying that one of the most vital points of a pleasant user experience is easy navigation on a website. Animated navigation offers several advantages over traditional methods, such as making your website appear more professional and organized, makes it easy for customers to locate tools/buttons, and makes categorial site lines more obvious to the naked eye.

Progression animation

Another crucial factor for successful website engagement is loading time. Even if your landing page is loading faster than normal, visitors still expect to get from one page to another in the blink of an eye. Animated progressions help ease the wait time, distracting the visitor from clicking off right away. Keep them simple, yet engaging.


A simple and popular way to use animation is by incorporating a slideshow in the design. This allows users to view multiple images without it interfering with the user experience. Since all of the images are in one place on the page, visitors have the option to stop and look or scroll on by to see what else is on the page. Be careful with speed and the number of images used in a slideshow. If the speed is too fast, it can be a turn off for visitors.