3 Content Marketing Trends to Keep on Your Radar in 2023

Content is still an essential piece of the marketing puzzle, and in 2023 it’s only evolving to cement its place in the commerce world even more. 

From TikTok to short form, and the increasingly hot topic of AI marketing software, the future of words is looking fresh and efficient.

You might not know which direction to take with your content marketing strategy, and that’s ok. We’ve compiled the 3 most important trends we think are worth considering for 2023.

Short-Form Video

Video has been king of content for the past few years, and that trend isn’t going anywhere soon. Social networks like TikTok are becoming go-to platforms for marketers to target primary audiences and hopefully go viral.

However, the format of these short-form videos are different from the traditional, scripted type. Instead, it’s important to keep it punchy, immersive, and unpredictable. Viewers like to see a transformation at the end, and a caption that’s baiting, for example: “What until what happens at the end”. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect or high quality either, think “home videos” style shot with a smart phone.

Lean Into the Creator Economy

Brands aren't able to keep up with content trends and creation fast enough for conversions, which is why the creator economy is burgeoning. Influencers and other creators are in high demand, with brands looking to collaborate.

There are many ways to collaborate, from having a creator review a few products for a YouTube video or inviting them to an event. They end up sharing the your brand with their followers, spreading your reach farther and building trust.

AI Copywriting Software

Finally, we are hearing more about artificial intelligence every day. In the content marketing world, it’s especially prominent. While AI technology is already being used to help with blogs, email subject lines, and some content writing, it’s still years away from being able to produce a perfect piece of copy from start to finish.

Still, it’s being utilized in other ways to make writing faster and more efficient. AI comes in handy for when writer’s block is an issue, supplying the words that can jumpstart creativity.

It’s also being used to create social media posts and schedule them. It’ll be interesting to see how it continues to improve down the road!